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Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Mosquito Repellent Dispeller Light

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Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Mosquito Repellent Dispeller Light

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Name: Photocatalytic Mosquito Killing Lamp
Power: DC 5V-1A
Size: 19 * 12cm
Color: White, Black
Power cord length: 94cm
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 110-220V
Application area: over 150 square meters
Weight: 280g

- The embedded design of the main body of the fuselage has a more integrated and concise appearance. Gently rotate to open the receiving box for convenient operation.

- 365nm, internal reflected light source visible in a large area, no mosquitoes to catch and no dead corners, mosquitoes can get near and far.

- The large suction force agitates the surrounding air, allowing the mosquito to follow the airflow and suck it into the bottom of the fan.

- A funnel-type mosquito escape device ensures that mosquitoes cannot escape.

- Detachable mosquito storage box. The chassis is thickened with a fine-pore mosquito storage box to make it dehydrated and air-dried.

- The USB interface can be connected to mobile digital treasures, computers and many other digital products to make mosquito killing everywhere.

- Silent noise reduction, provide ideal sleep state, sleep well until dawn.

- Suitable for various places, inhaled mosquito killer lamp, powerful function, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Package included:
1 x Photocatalytic Mosquito Killing Lamp

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